Our students love being hands-on, and the subjects within our vocational programmes are essential to student development and engagement.


We have a specialist design, technology and construction hub, where we aim to engage students in certified programmes. Pathways are prepared to lead students towards further education in areas such as: woodwork, computer-aided design (CAD), blockwork, plastering, tiling and paving. Some of the work being produced is outstanding and this is one of our most popular subjects.


Our art studio is a vibrant and happy place, and we have found that even if the students aren’t motivated to draw, paint or sculpt, the studio still has a calming effect. With a plethora of inspirational urban and rural landscapes and, of course, some of the best oceanscapes in the UK, we are never short of subjects and topics. Plymouth is a cultural hub, and we are linked to several galleries, colleges and studios. A range of programmes are available to inspire all of our students to be creative.


Beauty has become one of our most popular subjects here at Poles APart and our salons provide a high-quality learning environment. Our specialist staff are trained and qualified to deliver a range of accredited courses and in-house certifications. Beauty is also amazing for therapy and social development and we find that the students enjoy being in a supportive and low-pressure space, whilst engaging with fun sessions. Beauty has cross-curricular links with art and design.

Life Skills

Poles APart is focused towards preparing young people for their future lives and careers. Throughout the life skills programme, we focus on essential skills such as budgeting, time, bank accounts, baking and cooking, shopping and self-care. This part of the programme is also where we focus on sex education, including healthy relationships and personal social development. At times we will work with third-party providers to make sure we deliver the most up-to-date information. Our key workers are allocated to students and between our therapists, designated safeguarding lead and the key workers, we can make sure we provide the most support for all our young people.


Catering is an extension of our life skills programme and we work to involve the students in cooking activities and educate our young people on healthy food options, food groups, obtaining ingredients and using equipment and utensils. It can be a common occurrence for the young people that attend Poles APart to be in a care role with siblings or parents and we have found that once the students have learnt how to cook a few basic dishes, they become relaxed and more confident. Of course, cooking food from raw ingredients is more healthy and often more cost-effective. The qualifications and certification that are available in this area include AQA and Open Awards.

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