When students are referred to Poles APart an assessment is made with the student them self, their school and their parents and a therapeutic pathway is agreed upon. At Poles APart we design a students individualised programme around their agreed therapeutic pathway. For more heavy therapy intervention we have the ‘R Project’ and for more behavioural and self esteem building we have the ‘C Project’.

Poles APart Presents- ‘The C Project’ ​

Poles APart has the ‘C’ Project pathway to help students “write the first six chapters of their new story”  . These chapters are designed around mental health, increasing confidence and bridging academic gaps. 

What is special about the ‘C’ Project?

When young people arrive at Poles APart they are being given a chance to press the reset button on their lives and change their future. They will follow a programme based on the principles of inclusion, mental health, emotional logic and life skills before they are inspired to re-engage in education. 

Chapter 1: Communicate

  • An initial assessment is completed to identify the young person’s needs and barriers both academically and mentally.

Chapter 2: Create

  • A bespoke programme is created in collaboration  with the young person.

Chapter 3: Community

  • The young person will experience a  real life context through  organising a community project and working with local businesses.

Chapter 4: Confidence

  • The young person will work on  team building activities with members of the Poles APart community where the focus will be on Collaboration and Leadership.

Chapter 5: Clarity

  • Poles APart staff work with the young person to create an aspirational life map and clarify with them how to achieve what  they are capable of.
  • The young person is given one to one sessions to identify what lies ahead, discuss barriers and how to overcome them with the onsite counsellor and their key staff member.

Chapter 6: Curriculum

  • The young person now understands the importance of education, is ready to learn with a new adopted belief in themselves and what they can achieve.
  • The young person can now control more of their emotions and is happier.

Poles APart Presents- ‘The C Project’ ​

Poles APart Presents- ‘The R Project’

THE 3 ‘R’s  

Poles APart AP has a child-centered approach to therapy and education, where the children and young people are central to each and every decision we make. 

RESET – ‘to set again or differently’

At Poles APart we aim to reset past negative ideologies, attitudes or behaviours and focus on a new positive mindset. This will involve working very closely with the student or young person and their families during tailored therapy sessions. We will look at how their past experiences might influence their present choices which will allow us to unpick any barriers they might be facing. 

RE-ENGAGE – ‘to re-establish a meaningful contact or connection again’

We will endeavour to make meaningful connections with the student or young person through our onsite therapy programme. These could include: being in touch with nature, music, play therapy, physical activity, art, 1-1 sand tray sessions, counselling and much more. We will explore strategies which are most effective for our students so they can experience a more positive learning environment. 

REFLECT – ‘to think deeply or carefully’

Poles APart will encourage reflective practice throughout the provision, this will support us on the journey to fully understand ‘why we do what we do’ and to understand ourselves better. Each day we aim to ‘check in’ with each other, to practice self-care and kindness to ourselves and others. Reflecting on our thoughts, feelings and actions can be the first step to improving mental health.