We have a number of frequently asked questions, we have tried to address the main ones in the section below. However if its not covered below please don’t hesitate to contact

1. Are you a school?

No. We are an intervention service. We don’t have students full time as that would make us an illegal school. We work WITH schools, we aren’t a school. We offer students no more than 15hrs per week and the provision day is 9:30-2:30.

2. Are you OFSTED registered?

We are currently in the process of registering through OFSTED as a childcare setting. Although, as an intervention service we do not need to be OFSTED registered.

We are on the Plymouth Alternative Education Framework and we have recently done a Quality Assurance for Torbay. Schools are always welcome to carry out their own quality assurance checks and safeguarding audits and are able to have copies of our previous quality assurance reports should they wish.

We understand that this is a concern of many schools and therefore are able to provide the documents needed for their own OFSTED inspections. We have already used this procedure with a number of schools.

3. What safeguarding procedures do you follow?

Please refer to our safeguarding policy.

4. I’m a parent/carer who wants to know how to access your service, what do I do?

We only take referrals from schools or the Devon/Cornwall/Plymouth 0-25 Teams. However, if your child is homeschooled you can make a referral.

If you want your child to access our service you can contact us for a discussion around this but you need to follow the procedures at your child’s school as the decision to refer is based not only on your concerns as a parent/carer but also on their professional judgment. We work with schools not against them.

5. How much do your services cost? 

Poles APart work collaboratively with schools to design bespoke packages for individuals, the price will be discussed and agreed during this process.