An Alternative Education Intervention Provision based in the South-West, created by experienced SEN Teachers and a Therapist.
Poles APart is accessible for both primary and secondary students who have become disengaged and are experiencing mainstream or special education as challenging and detrimental to their mental health and wellbeing.
At Poles APart they can access a bespoke timetable and the students, schools and their families can be supported by a range of specialists.
Our ethos is firmly based on Re-setting, Re-engaging and Reflecting on previous barriers to learning and most importantly, creating a core pathway of positive therapies and interventions to improve mental health. We aren’t ‘another’ school- we help the schools and the community- we are just a new piece of the puzzle.

We offer intervention programmes which are designed with mental health at the core and built upon thorough collaboration with the students, schools, their families or carers and mental health professionals. 

Our tailored programmes include access to specialist teaching staff on a 1-1 basis and small group settings. On-site therapeutic sessions are provided which are determined by the needs and wants of the young person and a core group of professionals. 

Poles APart will deliver programmes not only in small classroom settings but also in environmental areas and by using community green and fitness areas within the community. We live in a beautiful part of the country and we use it.

At Poles APart we create our programmes based on the pathway we think a student needs; 

  • The ‘C’ Project- Confidence, Communication, Create, Community.
  • The ‘R’ Project- Re-setting, Re-engaging, Reflecting. 


We measure our students’ progress using Motional and personalised learning journeys and offer not only therapeutic interventions but also a personalised English, Maths, PSHE, Outdoor and Forest School curriculum.

We are here to support young people who are LAC, who have EHCP’s or who just need support.


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